An institutional comic commissioned by the Association Cités Unies France in collaboration with the municipality of Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic.

The municipality joins forces with neighbourhoods to encourage civil society initiatives.
Cités Unies France is launching a project with the support of the European Union and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In collaboration with @photos Simone Giovetti

The Beauty and the Beast

Wite anb black ink / gouache on paper
60 × 30 cm

The work, inspired by Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast, seeks to evoke a sense of magic and enchantment. While the film refers to Gustave Doré and Johannes Vermeer, the artist has found inspiration in a random selection of images from a book on gardens, reminding us that nature, in which the female figures wander, is the real protagonist. The black and white ink work mixes the images in a positive and negative geometry.