Arts for Meeting, Communicating, Sharing.

Born in Padua in 1964, Stefano Zago is an artist draughtsman, professor of art history and visual communication, architect, graphic designer, illustrator and cultural mediator active in Paris since 2007. After studying architecture in Venice and with a long experience as a professional in this field, he now devotes himself mainly to multidisciplinary artistic activities, between teaching art history and live drawing (urban sketching).

With numerous collaborations with associations and institutions, and considering the sharing and transmission of knowledge as a fundamental mission, Stefano Zago is in favour of participatory and social forms of artistic practice.

In professional terms, he is currently a professor and trainer for artists in art history and graphic and narrative drawing techniques.

As an urban sketcher, the artist assiduously draws in his sketchbooks in public places, a practice that produces exchanges, encounters and knowledge sharing.
His drawn notes are also valuable material for creating reportages that allow him to exercise comic technique as a narrative form of drawing.