Born in Padua, Italy, in 1964, Stefano Zago is an artist, draftsman, comics author, graphic designer, illustrator and architect, who is active in Paris for over a decade. Graduated in architecture from the University Institute of Architecture of Venice, author of a thesis in history of contemporary art (land art and conceptual art) and after a long experience as an architect, he dedicates himself exclusively to the development of his artistic activities.

Based on numerous relationships and collaborations with several artists’ associations and institutions, considering the sharing and transmission of knowledge about art as a fundamental mission, Stefano Zago is in favour of participatory and social forms of artistic practice.
This is why he regularly organises workshops and art history courses related to the shared practice of drawing. His courses bring together up to 30 international participants per class, ranging in age from 11 to over 90 years old.
As an urban sketcher, the artist draws assiduously in his sketchbooks and participates in the meetings and activities of this global network.
His sketchbook drawings are also valuable material for creating reports that allow him to exercise his mastery of comics as a narrative form of drawing.